Why should I subscribe?

Subscribing to Deniz Butik virtual store has a lot of benefits. - It records your information for quick and easy ordering. - You can take advantage of the special opportunities offered by Deniz Butik virtual store. - You can be informed about our events. - You can check your order history. - You can save all your shipping address information.

Is Deniz Butik virtual store subscription paid?

You can subscribe our site without paying any subscription fee.

How can I cancel my membership?

In order to cancel your membership, you can reach us on address or 0850 888 0369 number, where you can inform your demand of membership cancel to customer services so that you can realize your membership cancel.

I forgot / I don't know my password, how can I login to the site?

In cases where you forgot or don't know your password, just click on the "Forgotten password" button and write your registered e-mail address on our site to the box on the page that opens. You can create your new password by following the steps in the related e-mail sent to your e-moil account by Deniz Butik,


Dou I have to be a member to be able to order? 

You can take a few minutes to subscribe Deniz Butik to be able to order. If you don't want to subscribe, you can order by using the options of "Continue without Membership" or "Login with Facebook".

How can I add the products to my cart?

To add the product that you want to buy to your cart, fist you must choose its color and size. Then Click the Add Cart button. When you add the product to your cart, cart pop-up will be opened. You can keep on shopping by browsing different products or you can proceed to purchase the products in your cart. You can view the products in your cart whenever you want by clicking on the cart icon in the upper right corner on our site.

How can I buy the products in my cart?

When you click on the "Complete order" button, a screen, where you can login or if you aren't a member where you can subscribe, will appear. You can shop without membership if you like, but we suggest you to subscribe to benefice from the advantages of our site.

How can I know if my order is approved?

When your order is received, a warning message will be sent to your gsm number to confirm that it has been successfully completed. Your order information is also sent to your registered e-mail address.

Can my order be directed to an address that I have chosen?

We can direct your order to an address that you have chosen. Like business, family, friends or neighbors addresses. Please specify the delivery address while you are completing your order. Your order will be delivered to your billing address unless an alternate address is specified.  We regret to inform you that your order can not be made to rental post boxes.

Can I make changes after the confirmation of my order ?

Unfortunately, we can not make any changes to your order in whole or in part once it is confirmed. However you can cancel your order, and place a new order.


Do the prices of the products I bought include VAT?

VAT is included in the price of every product sold through Deniz Boutique site.

Can I pay by wire transfer?

There is no payment option by wire transfer. You can shop with credit card, debit (bank) cards and by cash on delivery.

Dou you have a payment option by cash on delivery?

There is a payment option by cash on delivery. You can pay by Credit card, debit (bank) cards and cash to the courier.

Do you have the option of installment?

Once you have filled in the required ATM / Debit Card or credit card information completely, you can view the installment options offered by your bank on the payment screen and make your installment payment by choosing the desired installment amount.

Are my credit card details safe?

The security of your information is very important to us. You can safely make your payment as a user of Deniz Boutique virtual store. In general, you can visit our website without leaving any personal data. However, the situations for which we request some details about your personal information are as follows:

1. If you order

2. If you are a member of Deniz Boutique virtual store

- All your personal data is encrypted and transmitted over the Internet before you turn off your computer. Deniz Butik online store uses SSL certificate called Secure Socket Layer with 128 bit encryption to securely encrypt all your information. Your coded information containing your order, name, address, credit card account details can not be viewed by others.

- If you are using a different window, and your browser does not always display a message showing the SSL connection, you may not be able to view the encryption on each window. However, you can select Show source code by right-clicking on the mouse to see the secure transfer of your information during the checkout phase.

- Please do not share your password and account details with others to prevent unauthorized access to your account and to ensure that your personal information is safe

If you encounter any problem;

Please do not give your customer service department your entire card number in relation to possible problems you may experience with payment processing. You only need to submit your order number or you can get detailed information from the customer service of your bank.

What should I do if I have not received payment confirmation despite entering all the necessary information during the payment step?

You should contact customer service on 0850 888 03969


Which Shipping Company do you work with?

Your orders from our internet store are delivered to you with the assurance of Sürat Kargo.

Do you send orders to abroad or to the TRNC?

Orders are not sent abroad or to the TRNC yet.

Are there any deliveries on official holidays?

Sürat Kargo does not deliver on official holidays.

Can you send to another shipping company except for Sürat Kargo?

We work with Sürat Kargo and we do not send with any other shipping company.

Where are my products being shipped from?

The products you bought from Deniz Boutik virtual store are shipped from the logistics warehouse in Sancaktepe.

How can I find out if my order is shipped?

When your order is shipped, we will direct you a confirmation sms. You can fallow your courier on Sürat Kargo with the tracking number written in this sms.

What happens if I am not on the address during the delivery of the order?

If your order couldn't be delivered to you because you were not on the address, Sürat Kargo does not make a second visit. In this case you are required to visit the branch where your courier is located and have your courier delivered. 

How can I find out the delivery date of my product?

When you come to the product that you liked from our site and make your body selection, you can find delivery date information under the Add to cart section.

Should I receive delivery when the package is damaged?

You should not take out the damaged incoming packages, and you must get the cargo officer take the minutes that the package is damaged. You can then contact our customer service regarding your order.

What should I do if I can not reach the Sürat Kargo branches?

You can get detailed information from Sürat Kargo Customer Services on 0850 202 0 202.


My order is sent faulty/defective/wrong, What should I do?

All the products that we offered for sale go through damage control while being packaged to be delivered to courier. If the product is arrived to you faulty / defective/ wrong, which is rare, the process operates as fallows;

When your order is delivered to your address by the cargo officer, always check the outer pack damage before receiving the product and prepare a "Due Diligence Record" when you detect any damages.

In the event of any damage after the delivery of the order, you must contact the relevant cargo office immediately and ask them to prepare a "Due Diligence Record". If the cargo branch is not helping you about this subject, please inform us as soon as possible.

When you send the damaged product to our DENİZ BUTİK address together with the Damage Assessment Record, your product change or return transactions will be completed quickly and you will be informed.

How to return the amount I paid when I made a return of product?

When you make a product return, your money will be returned according to your payment form, after the product has been confirmed accepted by the review.

- If you have made your payment by credit card, your installments will be repaid in installments, your single withdrawals will be refunded in 7 working days as a single withdrawal.

- If you have made your payment with a debit card, your single transaction will be returned to your bank account within 7 working days via transfer / eft.

- If you have made your payment with a virtual card, your single withdrawal will be refunded within 7 working days to your card.

- If you have made your payment with the option of Cash on Delivery, it will be refunded within 7 working days on the iban number that you will inform us.


Why are you using my personal information for?

Your personal information is very important to us. As Deniz Butik virtual store customer, you can make your shopping with confidence.

- While you are ordering

- While you are creating an account, we need your personal information.

This information you have provided will be used to better serve you and to transmit you our special offers.

What should I do if I have not received payment confirmation despite entering all the necessary information during the payment step? You should contact customer service on 0850 888 03969.


What is the technical infrastructure that I should have to be able to use Virtual Store?

Browser software settings: we suggest you to use Internet Explorer version 6 and above or Mozilla/Firefox version 1.5 and above in order to have the most accurate views of the products in the Deniz Butik online store and to get the proper functioning of the general functions of the site. You need to enable Java and Java script applications for maximum quality view. In order to add product to your cart, the Allow Cookies option must be enabled (If you are using Explorer 6.0 for Windows, you can access from Tools/Internet options / Privacy). Screen resolution: To display correctly the Deniz Butik virtual store, it is recommended to set your display settings to a value equal or above 1024x768 pixels.

How can I be informed about the opportunities of

An information e-mail about the opportunities and campaigns will be sent periodically to your e-mail address you have provided while subscribing to site. For any kind of problems you can contact us at and 0850 888 0 369.

How can I contact with Deniz Butik virtual store?

For your questions about Deniz Butik virtual store and your orders, you can contact Customer Relations department. E-Mail: Phone: 0850 888 0 369

Can I reach on mobile devices?

If you download application from App Store for your IOS-based devices and from Google Play for your Android-based devices and login with your membership information, you can enjoy shopping on whenever and wherever you want.

Can I get information about the warranty procedure?

The products subject to plaint are examined by our company. If it contains an error based on production, it is retrieved. It is impossible to retrieve the damaged products because of faulty cleaning operations or due to use of the product


About our stores 

How can I find the nearest store to me?

You can reach the nearest store on

Can we change the products on stores?

You can change the products you bought from our virtual store "ONLY on VIRTUAL STORES".

Can I find all the products that I saw on Deniz Butik Online site from Deniz Butik Branches?

There are no Evening Dress and Outlet Group in our branches.

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